Hana was born in Alkmaar, Netherlands, in 1985 and moved to England in the late 1990s. She now lives in Bath with a big human, a little human, and an even littler cat.

A singer-songwriter from the age of twelve, Hana went on to study a BA in Music Performance. After that, she worked as a primary school teacher, then in special educational needs. Hana is constantly inspired by and in awe of the curious, determined, and imaginative children and young people she works with. She hopes to grow up to be just like them one day.

Hana recently graduated from the MA Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University. It was on this course that she wrote her debut, The Unadoptables, which was shortlisted for the Bath Children's Novel Award 2018.


  1. Hana used to have a pet water-buffalo called Buffy.

  2. She plays guitar (mediocrely) and mouth-trumpet (excellently).

  3. Her boss is a cat called Moop (see photo).

  4. Hana can cycle without holding on to the handle bars.

  5. She can summon Moop by whistling the Addams Family theme tune.

  6. Her favourite book is Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

  7. Hana is not actually called Hana. Her real name is Hanneke.

  8. 'Tooke' is a Viking name. Hana is, therefore, probably descended from Thor.

  9. She can't say the word 'effortlessly' - please don't ever ask her to.

  10. Hana can't think of a tenth fun fact. 

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