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Hana Tooke grew up on a polder near Amsterdam, in a house filled with peculiar clocks and a head filled with a peculiar imagination. She's been a singer, a teacher, and even a mad-scientist, but these days she spends her days writing stories, sculpting puppets, and collecting curiosities. She lives in Bath with two humans, a cat, and a skeleton marionette.

  1. Hana used to have a pet water-buffalo called Buffy.

  2. She plays guitar (mediocrely) and mouth-trumpet (excellently).

  3. Her boss is a cat called Moop.

  4. Hana can cycle without holding on to the handle bars.

  5. She can summon Moop by whistling the Addams Family theme tune.

  6. Her favourite book is Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

  7. Hana is not actually called Hana. Her real name is Hanneke.

  8. 'Tooke' is a Viking name. She is, therefore, probably descended from Thor.

  9. She can't say the word 'effortlessly' - please don't ever ask her to.

  10. Hana 's grandfather  was a Water Wizard, who was knighted by the Dutch Queen for his water wizardry.


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