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Way back in the autumn of 1880, five babies are discovered at the Little Tulip Orphanage in most unusual circumstances. Those babies are Lotta, Egbert, Fenna, Sem and Milou.
   The vile matron calls the children 'the unadoptables' but this talented gang of best friends know that their individuality is what makes them so special - and so determined to stay together.
   When a sinister gentleman tries to get them in his clutches, the children make a daring escape across the frozen canals of Amsterdam, embarking on an adventure packed with pirate ships and puppets. But is their real home - and their real family - already closer than they realize?


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NUMBER 1 BESTSELLING children's hardback debut of 2020 (UK)


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Branford Boase

Award 2020


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The Graveyard Book meets The Night Circus in this ghostly tale about two friends, one murder mystery, and a world of intrigue.

    Ema Vasková has always felt different. In a family of famous scientists, there's not much room for superstition or omens--but they seem to follow Ema wherever she goes. It doesn't help that she appears to predict events before they happen, and has a peculiar fear of shadows...

    When Ema is sent to stay with her eccentric uncle in Prague, she fears she'll lose the chance to ever fit in. But then she meets Silvie--a girl who finally sees Ema for the extraordinary girl that she is. Soon the girls are meeting for secret midnight adventures and facing Ema's fears together.

   But then disaster strikes. Silvie goes missing--and it's up to Ema to find her. Now she must gather the courage to hunt the city, find her friend, and uncover the secrets of the one clue Silvie left as to where she might be--inside the mysterious Midnight Guild...

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